A customer showroom within the Southern Plumbing Plus Headquarters and Warehouse complex, this project was designed to fulfil retail needs while retaining environmentally sustainable, power-saving features. 

As well as benefiting from environmentally sustainable design heating and cooling systems found throughout the site, additional features include: a dramatic entry attracting customers from the street; solar heating and shading; strong visual links to the rest of the site; underground, open deck parking; exterior louvres for greater cross-ventilation; and rainwater harvesting.

Emphasis is placed on Client comfort when visiting the showroom, whilst providing practical space for employees to work in. The large, open space is divided into distinct product areas through the use of blade walls, display niches and operational kitchens. This design solution also provides an amount of privacy for the discerning shopper. 

The structure acts as the figurehead building of Southern Plumbing Plus, displaying high-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings. 

The showroom received National recognition through awards:

Design Institute of Australia

2005 - Interior Design Award Shortlisting

Master Builders Association

2005 - Commercial Interiors Fitout Award