• michelle9610


The newly constructed restrooms at the Merrylands RSL have been officially crowned the Best Bathroom in Australia by hosts Total Facilities after being entered into their Australia’s Best Bathroom Competition of 2018.

Designed by Quattro Architecture and constructed by WP Projects, forming part of a larger Club refurbishment, the goal was to exceed customer expectations, to deliver facilities to entice new patronage and to further grow the membership base, which is a clever initiative by the Club.

These works have been detailed and constructed to the highest standard, with the female cubicles showcasing the most individuality and functionality in their design. With ample space and their own personal basin and accessories, the customer can hang their coat and bag, place their phone down and comfortably use the area. Much consideration was put into the placement of each bathroom accessory after both the Club and customers identified risks associated with slips and falls in high traffic wet areas. To alleviate this problem, timed flow taps and paper towel dispensers are located adjacent to basins and situated at arm’s length for the comfort and ease of use, ensuring a safe and clean environment for everyone.

LED lighting accompanied with custom made mirrors and gloss white tiles allow light to bounce unhindered throughout the entire space, creating a cool and fresh atmosphere. The metallic bronze feature tiles, gold tap fittings, and even the indoor plants, were specifically chosen to further enhance this luxurious standard. These 5-star spaces incorporate the functionality and safety that is essential in a well-designed communal area.