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Making the decision to engage an architect is an incredibly important step in your project. Be it a small residential renovation, or a large-scale commercial construction, an architect can provide a tailored design solution to meet your specific needs.

The process of design, approvals and construction is about assuring an outcome. The ability to determine a desired outcome (scope) within a specific timeframe (time) within budget and to the highest quality – this is risk management and it is not simple! The role of an architect is to manage this process and to guide the client through the various stages to achieve the project objectives.

Scope At Quattro Architects we are able to assist you in developing and identifying a clear ‘scope of work’ for the project. By having an agreed design brief, the process is able to commence within defined boundaries – building use, materials, aesthetic, size, function, standards and controls, environment, location and cost. Essentially, this is a brief of what you’re aiming to achieve within the project parameters.

Time For any project to maintain a desired time frame, it must be carefully managed, as there are many mitigating factors. A project must follow a clear pathway through design, approval and construction to achieve this goal. An architect is able to establish milestone dates within the timeline of the project, allowing the project’s progress to be tracked and monitored throughout its duration.

Cost For a project to achieve a cost outcome it must be carefully managed throughout the entire procurement. Budget is often a crucial element to any project, so the management of this is essential.

Quality Quality is only ever achieved through rigorous design development and careful planning. This can be directly affected by time and cost constraints, all of which must be meticulously balanced to ensure the desired outcome is reached.

At Quattro we can assist you in balancing all of the above aspects of your project, ensuring that the desired outcome is reached in a cost effective, time efficient manner. But don’t be fooled – it’s not only the huge commercial projects that can benefit from engaging an architect. Small residential renovations and constructions can save a lot of time, effort and money by engaging an architect to manage the project at hand.

So tell us, have you got a project coming up that could utilise an architect?

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