M1 is a world class facility which includes the latest in equipment and technology for its members. The club has incorporated the ‘Fitlinx’ system allowing members to track their progress electronically with membership cards rather than the traditional written card system.

The clubs facilities include: a six lane 25m swimming pool with stadium seating to allow for use by schools and larger groups; a ‘Learn to swim’ pool area which caters to both children and adults; four specialist studios including Boxing, Cycling, Group Exercise and ‘Mind and Body’; Mounties Minis child minding facility catering for 2-12 year olds; and large locker rooms providing wet and dry facilities, including showers, steam rooms and separate change rooms for young children. 

The café and reception area incorporate the M1 branding and level of finish to distinguish them from the remainder of the club facility.


As is required with any project of this scale and usage close attention was paid to ensure a high level of finish from both the visual and wear aspects. Quattro was commissioned by Paynter Dixon as the Interior Design Consultant for this Design and Construct project.