Quattro has been involved in the design of public housing now since 2007 after being selected as a pre-qualified tenderer for the "Multi User List" of contractors, having been awarded over 25 projects prior to 2009.

In addition to the assistance with the 2009 stimulus package, on which Quattro designed 15 dwellings (totalling 105 units), other forms of housing include Seniors Living, Group Homes and Family Homes.


Seniors Living are typically higher density multi-unit schemes inserted within existing urban or suburban contexts. As such, these schemes need to be developed with an awareness of their impact on the local community, through the application of an appropriate architectural language and form. 

Group and Family Homes are designed to meet the NSW LAHC'S Design Standards, as well as thoroughly detailing to best meet the core requirement of durability, cost effectiveness and low maintenance. As with all projects, these issues are considered together with the central aim of providing dwellings of high amenity for tenants. 

Within all types of Housing projects, there is a common requirement for a proportion of projects to be made suitable for occupation by disabled tenants. Design of these dwellings requires requires forward planning in regard to siting, internal planning and detailing of bathrooms and kitchens to allow for immediate or future use by disabled tenants. 

Quattro brings a strong working knowledge of the required and best practice relevant Australian Standards to guide design and documentation of these dwellings.