Deskford is a Heritage protected building on the site of Cabrini Care in Westmead, NSW. The building was constructed by an important local historic figure, Andrew Paynten, in the late 1800’s. 

As part of the broader Cabrini Care Masterplan, Quattro Architecture is currently undergoing design development for upgrades and refurbishments to the site.

The building will be restored to it’s original layout, fixing structural issues in line with a conservation report. The Deskford Heritage Building will then be accessible to the public, repurposed as a cafe and small retail shop. 

The works being carried out are sensitive to the original design and aesthetic of the building, preserving and enhancing the building as it was built. 

Works are to include a new hair salon to service the aged care facility and wider community, a new cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, office space, a real estate office and meeting rooms. 

Innovative and creative design solutions are adpoted throughout the site, to maximise the performance of the building and utilise it to its full potential. A full service upgrade and refurbishment works are to be carried out in line with the Conservation Management Report, working closely with stakeholders and Council authorities to ensure full compliance.