The site is located within the Cremorne Point Conservation area, therefore careful consideration has been given to ensure that the proposed works are sympathetic to the significance of the existing heritage building.

The final design was developed through detailed consultation with the heritage conservation architect and formal pre-DA discussions with Council. A thorough heritage survey and analysis of the existing features was undertaken by Quattro prior to any design work being undertaken.

The proposed works involve internal alterations on each level, to create 2 apartment spaces, and the addition of an attic above, a connecting bridge at the rear of the existing house, and changes to the rear landscape and existing double garage structure. Due to the dilapidated nature of the house, the proposed works also include partial restoration, particularly of the Milson Road facade in relation to the reinstatement of the original verandah design.

The property falls approx. 6m across the site, therefore a series of terraces are proposed for the landscaping in order to provide more usable external spaces.

The roof addition has been carefully designed to maintain the existing presentation to Milson Road and sets a new cross gabled form behind and below the existing ridge point. The new dormer is designed in-keeping with the existing Arts and Crafts aesthetic.