The existing site currently contains a dilapidated single-storey house, with large 2-storey properties on both sides. Quattro Architecture were approached by the owner to identify opportunities available for the site’s redevelopment.

Research into the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP highlighted an opportunity to develop the site with “new generation boarding house units”. These are described as “providing a form of low cost rental accommodation for a wide range of tenants including: singles, retirees, students and young couples” and includes the following requirements: maximum room size: 25m2; communal living area required if 5 or more units provided; minimum 20m2 private open space required; and bonus FSR 0.5:1 available.

The proposal achieves 8 units across 2 storeys, including an accessible unit and a studio apartment over a new garage structure, accessed from the rear laneway. The proposed building form sits neatly between the existing adjacent structures and it’s massing and setbacks replicate those of the existing street pattern. The boarding house units are accessed from a shared stairwell and lift lobby. Roof lights over this area allow natural daylight to filter throughout the building. Each boarding house unit is under the specified 25m2 maximum floor area and contains a private kitchenette, en-suite & balcony.